It’s a simple vision…

If every household in America

Would give

Just One Dollar…



Together… we could powerfully change the world.


A better World...

...For Humanity, for the Wildlife and for the Earth herself...



Just One Dollar.


Our divided dollars sitting alone rarely act powerfully.

Our single dollars united together can do great things.

It’s simple... It's powerful... Yet  it’s affordable.

Painlessly and effortlessly, we can together change the world....


Just One Dollar.


We invite you

to become part of

a different kind of movement...

during this particular and significant time in history...

by simply giving

Just One Dollar...




Everyone’s dollar goes directly to the World Cause of their choice…


    For Wildlife…                     For Humanity….                                     For The Earth… 

qSave an Elephant             qSave a person from the cold               qClean Energy Research

qSave a Tiger                     qRelieve a person who is hungry         qClean Oceans

qSave a Panda                   qAssist in basic housing                       qInternational Clean Air

qSave a Dolphin                qFight Cancer                                          qWild Lands Preservation



The Just One Dollar Foundation

Is proud to sponsor the Following World Partners:


           For Humanity                               For Wildlife                                    For The Earth

    Food For The Poor, Inc               Save The Elephants         Clean Energy Research Foundation

     Habitat For Humanity               The Tiger Foundation               The Oceans Conservatory

Morningstar Blanket Drive            Pandas International                      The Clean Air Trust

  American Cancer Society        The Dolphin Conservatory             Wildlands Conservatory




Join the simple grassroots vision.

Become part of the movement.

Send your

Just One Dollar

marked to the cause of your choice


The Just One Dollar Foundation

P.O. Box 1641

Estes Park, Colorado 80517

(970) 586-1639

















- About Us -

The Just One Dollar Philosophy

We are a non profit organization dedicated to sending the highest percentage possible of each dollar donated directly to the field causes. We keep our expenses to the absolute minimum by remaining committed to being staffed by volunteers, using free email, using donated equipment, paper, envelopes, ink, postage, a single line phone, as well as using a donated computer and donated website space.

The Just One Dollar Foundation’s directive is to seek out the greatest needs in the world and  to simply assist where the world’s needs are the greatest… caring for Humanity, for Wildlife and for the Earth herself by inviting Just One Dollar at a time.

Our dollars joined  together go out as a unified gift... from the people of America... to the World.

The vision is founded on the following simple idea:

That One Single Dollar Bill

Resting quietly now

In your pocket



Divided our single dollars are powerless.

United our single dollars become incredibly powerful.

Together… our Small can become Great.


The Just One Dollar Foundation has with this simple vision in mind dedicated its mission to caring powerfully for the world... by uniting Just One Dollar at a time.



Inspirational Quotes


"Each of us has been given the power, the responsibility and the resources

to make the world a better place for all to live:

for Humanity, for Wildlife and for the Earth herself." -J.C. Chambers


 "All it will take for evil to overcome the world is for enough good people to do nothing"

-Edmund Burke


"All it will take for good to transform the world is for enough good people to do something... no matter how small..."

-Jeffery Chambers


"Sometimes it is our turn in life to need the hand  up…and sometimes it is our turn to lend it."

W.J. Reynolds


"For the simple cost of a drink and a snack…we can change the world."



      "This is different... it's not about a few people giving a lot… it is about a lot of people giving

just a little... It could change the world..."  -W.M. Smith


"Vision: the art of seeing things invisible"  - Jonathon Swift


 "…to help save the world for only a dollar… why not??"





It’s a simple and bold new idea.

If every household in America


Just One Single Dollar…


Together we will make a significant difference in our World.

Significant… yet affordable for all.


…This could become one of the most powerful movements in history...


Our  Question is…

Will you join the movement??

Beginning January 2003

The Just One Dollar Foundation

Will humbly request the honor


Just One Dollar

From every household

In America

To give to the world.


One single dollar sitting alone could never save an elephant...

But our many single dollars united together can save an elephant.



v v v




The Just One Dollar Foundation respectfully requests that contributions be limited to no more than $10 per household please!  The Just One Dollar Foundation is committed to its vision of never becoming influenced by big money lobbying.

The Just One Dollar Foundation is run by volunteers in order to insure that the greatest amount of your dollar possible will go directly to your cause.  If you wish to become a Just One Dollar Foundation volunteer by volunteering Just One Hour... please contact us at our address above.

We realize that some in America are unable to give even Just One Dollar.   For this reason… there are others who may wish to contribute for those who are unable to contribute.   This is permitted, however, we would ask you to please, again, limit your giving to the rule of  $10 maximum.   We know there are others who may wish to contribute to more than one cause or who wish to give one dollar for every member of their family.  Again, this of course, is also permitted, however,  we would ask you as well, to limit your contribution to the $10 ceiling limit.  And please remember... if you are unable to give Just One Dollar…no amount is too small!   Even just one quarter will help!  Or just one postage stamp!   This vision is about a lot of people giving a little...not about a few people giving a lot!

The Just One Dollar Foundation is a proud sponsor of many additional World Partners in Service not listed above.  In addition to the causes above..these organizations serve the World from helping at-risk kids, to fighting blindness, to protecting whales and sea otters, to saving the rainforests.  If you do not see the cause tied most closely to your heartstrings listed in the areas above... please attach a note with your dollar and we will give your dollar directly to the particular cause of your choice.  The Just One Dollar Foundation has carefully researched all of the organizations to which we give, in order to insure that our giving is going only to organizations with the highest caliber of integrity, the most prudent financial management and the most effective and powerful change results possible.

It is foundational to remember that this is not a gift from the Government of America to the World, nor is it a gift from the Corporations of America to the World... It is a gift from the people of America to the World.

The Just One Dollar movement levels the playing field between the rich and the poor.  For this one time, on this one topic, in this one arena...we are all equal.  We can all unite and do something vital and important together. 


Thank you to all of you for joining and becoming part of the simple, nationwide movement that can simply change our world.

All may rest assured that personal information received will never be sold.


Please help the movement... and pass this website on.


Dolphins at Play




The Just One movement Worldwide.

The Just One movement is larger than just dollars.

It is a worldwide movement

Transcending nationalities


uniting the human race


to care for our world.


Many People.

Just One Earth.

Just One Voice.

All working together...

...To care for the World.


The Just One Dollar Foundation

proudly joins with

parnter countries Worldwide

in the Just One movement.


- Partner Countries -


Just One Dinar of Algeria

Just One Dollar of America

Just One Peso of Argentina

Just One Dollar of Australia

Just One Schilling of Austria

Just One Dollar of the Bahamas

Just One Dollar of Barbados

Just One Franc of Belgium

Just One Dollar of Bermuda

Just One Real of Brazil

Just One Pound of Great Britain

Just One Lev of Bulgaria

Just One Dollar of Canada

Just One Peso of Chile

Just One Renminbi of China

Just One Pound of Cyrus

Just One Koruna of Czechoslovakia

Just One Kroner of Denmark

Just One Unit of the Eastern Carribean

Just One Pound of Egypt

Just One Pound of England

Just One Euro of the European Community

Just One Dollar of Fiji

Just One Markka of Finland

Just One Franc of France

Just One Mark of Germany

Just One Deutsche Mark of Germany

Just One Drachma of Greece

Just One Guilder of Holland

Just One Dollar of Hong Kong

Just One Forint of Hungary

Just One Krona of Iceland

Just One Rupee of India

Just One Rupia of Indonesia

Just One Punt of Ireland

Just One New Shekel of Israel

Just One Lira of Italy

Just One Dollar of Jamaica

Just Some Yen of Japan

Just One Yen of Japan

Just One Dinar of Jordan

Just One Pound of Lebanon

Just One Franc of Luxembourg

Just One Ringgit of Malaysia

Just One Peso of Mexico

Just One Guilder of the Netherlands

Just One Dollar of New Zealand

Just One Kroner of Norway

Just One Rupee of Pakistan

Just One Peso of the Philippines

Just One Zloty of Poland

Just One Escudo of Portugal

Just One Leu of Romania

Just One Ruble of Russia

Just One Riyal of Saudi Arabia

Just One Dollar of Singapore

Just One Koruna of Slovakia

Just One Rand of South Africa

Just One Won of South Korea

Just One Peseta of Spain

Just One Dinar of the Sudan

Just One Krona of Sweden

Just One Franc of Switzerland

Just One Dollar of Taiwan

Just One Baht of Thailand

Just One Dollar of Trinidad Tobago

Just One Lira of Turkey

Just One Pound of the United Kingdom

Just One Dollar of the United States

Just One Bolivar of Venezuela

Just One Kwacha of Zambia


The names above are the worldwide Service Marks of

Just One Dollar International.


Just One, Two, Five, Ten, Twenty, Twenty-five, Fifty, One-Hundred, Two-Hundred,

Five-Hundred, One-Thousand, Five-Thousand, Ten-Thousand and Twenty Thousand are

denominations included only to account for countries with varying currency values.


Many People.

Just One Earth.

Just One Voice.

All working together...

...To care for the World.


International contributions may be sent to:

The Just One Dollar International Foundation

P.O. Box 1641

Estes Park, Colorado 80517


- Just One Dollar International -

The People of the World

Caring for the World.





 - Photo Credits -

Dolphins at Play: PhotoDisc,  Earth: NASA,  Little Girl: Verisign,

Panda: Gary Stoltz FWS,  Tiger: Blinde-Kuh